Intuitive Numerology Readings

The 1:1 Intuitive Numerology Session introduces you to the world of Numerology and covers all things numbers and what they mean to you and the most important people in your life. You and I will get on Zoom together where you will gain clarity about yourself, your purpose, and even delve into the charts of those closest to you so you get a clearer understanding why they are the way they are! You will discover immediately how to put your numbers to use and start living your life in alignment!

A single Intuitive Numerology session with Natalie is a high-value, information-intensive Zoom call that ends with action steps. It opens access to what is actually going on and how you can move forward.

Ask yourself this...

How much are these issues and challenges costing your peace of mind?
How much do you want to stop agonising over understanding yourself and those close to you?
How much do you want to stop having any kind of reaction or trigger towards others and develop a deeper level of compassion and empathy toward them?

What is involved in a single Intuitive Numerology Session?

Come to our call with your issues, pains, problems and questions. You will need to email those prior to the call. I don’t like to waste time, mine or yours.

You will receive 1 x 60 minute of 1:1 time with me where I will provide insightful, honest and valuable information and solutions for your issues based on your numerology chart.

I’m lousy at sugar coating the bullshit. I am terrible at allowing you to dodge taking personal responsibility for your choices, perspective and behaviour.

The calls are recorded in Zoom and I will send you the recording after our session.

3 simple steps to Access Natalie…

  1. Click the link below and make that $220 investment to move yourself forward out of the shit
  2. Schedule our time together and come to our call with an open mind and ready to learn.
  3. Send me your issues, problems, questions and challenges prior and be ready to face them, own them and squash them.

You can continue your struggle… reading endless books or blog posts, listening to more podcasts on generic ideas or issues others are facing and always be disappointed and frustrated with your lack of consistent results….. Or you can make an investment in yourself that will pay for itself in transformational results for you!

Look forward to co-creating with you!

Appointments available soon.

From Triggered to Healed - 8 week online program (Register Your Interest)

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and where you're at?

Looking and searching for ways to stop angst, anger, frustration in your life but just don't know how to let it all go?

Wanting more peaceful and harmonious relationships but just don't understand how?

It can be difficult to know where to start and are feeling you are on such a rollercoaster of emotions but don't know how to get off only contributes to the angst.

Join Natalie for her signature 8 week program - From Triggered to Healed.

You will feel:

  • Clearer on your understanding of Emotional Trauma and Triggers
  • In charge of your life and life choices
  • A better understanding of your partner, marriage, parenting roles
  • More confident in yourself
  • Empathy, compassion and understanding towards your situation
  • Knowledgeable in relationships and parenting according to life paths
  • Understanding, empathy and clarity on why you behave the way that they do
  • a better understanding on how to restructure your expectations on others
  • and much more

Check out the video below to find out more!

You will receive:

  • 8 group coaching sessions which will be run via Zoom each week. If you cannot attend, a recorded version is available for viewing.
  • Weekly emails outlining the theme and action items for the week
  • Full support in the online Facebook group, including the ability to connect with like-minded people and to ask Natalie questions at anytime
  • An accountability partner for extra support during the 8 week period
  • Custom aromatherapy blends to aid with your clearing and healing
  • Toolbox full of goodies to support you on your journey

Payment Plans available!

Look forward to co-creating with you!

With love

Email to Register Your Interest