2 Day Island Retreat - Ancestral and Emotional Trauma

Friday 3rd June - Sunday 5th June 2022

Dealing with and Healing your Emotional and Ancestral Trauma has its own, unique set of challenges. Challenges that are rarely understood by anyone who has not yet taken the leap into the journey of healing ones self.

You may feel triggers coming at you from all directions. Emotions such as anger, resentment, bewilderment, jealousy, despair, frustration, helplessness, embarrassment, shame and be at a loss as to how to improve your situation. It feels like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, and that this is now your life’s burden that you’re required to just grin and bear.

The 2 day island retreat on North Stradbroke Island (Tjerrangerri) may be just what you need. I’m here to tell you that there is hope and a better way forward.

You will come together with other people to connect, heal, and transform. Your body, mind and soul will be re-energised, and you can reset and rejuvenate by the beautiful salty oceans and the moon.

With her 10 years of experience, Natalie will gently guide you through:

  • Self awareness
  • Personal responsibility
  • Seeking externally what you need for yourself, internally
  • Numerology
  • Life paths
  • Challenges
  • Generational/Ancestral trauma
  • Parenting patterns
  • Emotional trauma
  • Unpacking the trauma
  • Karma
  • Past life connections
  • Inner child
  • Emotional trauma and the metaphysical body
  • Radical self care
  • Boundary setting

By the end, you can expect to feel:

  • A sense of Peace like never before
  • Clarity on your own trauma and personal responsibilities and boundaries
  • Safer in your relationships
  • Confident in your healing journey and goals for life
  • More empathetic, compassionate, and understanding towards yourself and everyone else in your life
  • and much more…

Price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals - vibrant food, local seafood, herbal teas and tropical Gluten, grain and dairy-free options available.
  • All teachings and exercises
  • Retreat journal
  • Blended Life oracle deck
  • Customised aromatherapy products
  • Sunrise yoga sessions
  • Sound healing session
  • Opening and closing ceremony
  • and more….
Come join us on our 2 day retreat on the beautiful Tjerrangerri (North Stradbroke Island)For more information or to book, please contact The Soulful Alchemist at hello@thesoulfulalchemist.co