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Natalie co-creates with exhausted, frustrated and emotionally depleted people, to regain their courage, reframe their emotional trauma and reclaim their space so they are free to show up and feel whole, happy, balanced, and at peace within their lives.

Natalie leads The Soulful Alchemist™ as its CEO and as a leader in the Ancestral and Emotional Trauma Healing space. Natalie has an alternative perspective that is imbued in the belief that self-awareness and personal responsibility is how we begin the process of freeing ourselves from the cyclical trauma patterns that keep us from showing up in our lives.

Natalie works with people from all over the world to help them gain a deeper understanding of their own emotional trauma and guide them to navigate this trauma and create lasting transformational changes for themselves.

Programs and Teachings

A 12 week guided self-awareness healing journey into understanding trauma to create more happiness, health and fulfillment in life

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The Power of healing introduction

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Life & Radically Transform?

Our online workshop will help you understanding trauma to create more happiness, health and fulfilment in life. A friendly, beginner-level course into the wellness and metaphysical healing space and being trauma-informed. Hosted by Natalie every Thursday.