Our White Label Services

Our White Label Services

Are you a Coach, Mentor, Business Owner/Entrepreneur who is looking to add a little extra to their courses, mentor programs or other services you offer to really support and help your clients and teams spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically?

Based on Tjerrangerri (North Stradbroke Island) just off Brisbane, The Soulful Alchemist is a leader in the Aromatherapy industry, manufacturing small artisan, hand crafted products, next to the salty ocean, under the powerful moon, on our little Australian island.

To date, we have supported many business owners use our energetically and soulfully infused products to support their clients on their journeys.

It’s as simple as filling out a form telling us what you require the product to do for your clients. We will analyse and send back to you our recommendations and once approved by you we get down to business. Our recipes are unique to each client and service offering. Rest assured that we DO NOT re-use recipes, they are unique to you!

TSA is the manufacturer for you
If you want to...

✅ Indigenous Brand, Founded by First Nations living on Country. Sacred Ceremony healing energy infused products, Artisan made by certified Clinical Aromatherapist

✅ Support our clients/teams to up level in your programs and their lives  

✅ Create magical custom blends infused with unique Soulful Alchemist energy and intention

✅ Join forces with an Indigenous business you can trust, and that has heart and soul and energetic alignment

✅ Receive attentive customer service from our caring team

The perks of
Working directly with TSA

✅ No experience necessary

✅ No expensive start-up costs or overheads

✅ Affordable prices

✅ Low MOQ’s of just 10 units per product

✅ High quality and professionally formulated natural and ethical products

✅ Totally customisable to you and your clients’ needs and intentions

✅ Packaging filling options OR the option to source and fill your own packaging.

Our product customisation service offers a simple and cost-effective way to create your very own unique service for your clients and gain a competitive edge in your niche with your service offerings.

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"Testimonial – T.K Byron"

"I was looking for a next-level gift for my clients that not only delighted them, but felt custom to me AND helped them on their journey through our work together. After witnessing Nat create magical custom blends for another business owner, I was hooked! (You know that part of you that instantly knows you have to have it to - because this things was made for you?!)

The whole process was SO seamless! I sent Nat through the two intentions I had for my blends. She then consulted on which one would work best, then went off and did her magic! Within a few short days I not only had my top secret, custom recipe... but my first prototypes were in express post on the way to me! Their unique scents? Divine! The crystals inside and how carefully curated they were - pure magic. I use my blends myself every day, and my clients ADORE them! If you're wanting a custom gift, fragrance or next level energetic uplevel for yourself and/or your client experience, stop reading this now and send this woman a message!"