Hey there!
Hi, I’m Natalie, Founder of The Soulful Alchemist.

I am an Indigenous Quandamooka woman who lives on my saltwater country here on my beautiful island home of Tjerrangerri (North Stradbroke Island).

The Soulful Alchemist provides products, services and retreats that support self-led healing and a low-tox lifestyle in all aspects – Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical. 

The Soulful Alchemist has been built on my own life’s journey. 

Spiritually led by my ancestors, I spend my days co-creating through my teachings, wisdoms and channelling.

Our soulfully and energetically charged aromatherapy products are intuitively hand-crafted next to the salty ocean and under the powerful moon, on our little island home and are designed to nurture and support you and your family through your healing and the switch to lox-tox everyday life.

I am passionate about indigenous medicinal plants, essential oils, vibrational and energetic healing, numerology, the metaphysical body, healing emotional trauma, spiritual health and much more...

My life now is all about low-tox living, love, peace, and joy because when we go within, nothing can defeat us. 

With Love,