The Soulful Alchemist Rebrand

You may have seen recently that the Soulful Alchemist underwent a rebrand. The lotus flower is gone and instead you can see a beautiful new logo designed especially for me.

People have asked me why I did it and the answer is simple – authenticity. I love the branding we had, but I felt that it was missing something. Missing part of who I am.

When I create an oil blend for someone, not only do they get to experience the magic of the blend and the purity of the oil, but they also get a little bit of my healing energy. The energy that I put into each blend and product cannot be matched and is what makes our products special. I felt like this energy was missing in my brand. I loved it but it wasn’t 100% me.

This new brand is.

I love it so much. It really represents who I am and what I am all about. I am an Indigenous Quandamooka woman who lives on my saltwater country here on my beautiful island home of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). And, it was designed by a First Nations artist.

I am embracing my heritage.

The Soulful Alchemist has been built on my own life’s journey. It has helped me find many ways to understand who I am, where I am going, and how to get there and I wanted this to be reflected in my brand.

It is a place where women come to figure out what the fuck has happened to them and to help them to start to surrender to the bullshit and truly get their lives on the right path.

Spiritually led by my ancestors, I spend my days co-creating through my teachings, wisdoms and channellings and it was time that my brand reflected that.

The new branding came from elements of a beautiful piece of artwork that was created for me. I loved the artwork so much that I wanted to use it in my new brand because it was the way I could really reflect who I am and what I am about.

The new logo is truer to who I am and how I live. The ‘S’ in the logo is two playful dugongs, one of my favourite animals which I see regularly down at my favourite place on the island, Deanbilla Bay. Whenever I am there, I feel relaxed and connected and it was only when I was going through my family history that I realised why. It turns out that my great grandfather was born there.

With such a unique connection I finally understood why I love that beach so much and why I had to incorporate the beautiful dugongs into my brand.

The vibrant colours of the logo play straight into my personality! Purple is my favourite colour and the colour of the chakra that I am here to heal so it was a must have when designing the logo.

Our soulfully and energetically charged aromatherapy products are intuitively hand-crafted next to the salty ocean and under the powerful moon, on our little island home and are designed to nurture and support you and your family through your healing and the switch to lox-tox everyday life.

Now everything I do and create is tied together under this amazing new brand. When people pick up my products, they will feel the energy of exactly who I am and what I am about. Without connection to who we really are, how are we expected to live authentic lives. Let The Soulful Alchemist help you find your authentic self and support you through your next chapter and lead you to your truly fulfilled life.


With Love