The 7 Chakras

You may have heard the term ‘chakra’ used by people, but what actually is a chakra?

Your chakras are energy centres in your astral body that correlate to certain aspects of your physical and spiritual wellbeing. In Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, chakra actually means wheel.

Some people like to picture chakras as spinning wheels of energy, each associated with a specific colour. When our chakras are open and aligned our energy flows better however when they become blocked this can affect you physically and spiritually.

Where are the chakras?

There are 7 chakras and these can be from the base of your spine all the way through to the top of your head. Let’s go through them together.

Your Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine. It’s colour is red and is said to be related to survival, security and the foundations of life.

The Sacral Chakra is orange and is located in the lower abdomen and is the centre of creativity and sexual energy. It is all about emotional satisfaction and happiness.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located between the navel and rib cage and is associated with the colour yellow. This is the source of our individual power and individuality.

The Heart Chakra can be found in the region of the heart. While it can be associated with pink, it usually thought to be green. The Heart Chakra is all about love.

The Throat Chakra is located at the base of the throat and is all about speaking your inner truth. The colour is blue.

The Third Eye Charka is associated with the colour indigo and sits between your eyebrows. It is all about your intuition and self-knowledge.

Finally, the Crown Chakra sits at the crown of the head is the centre of enlightenment and spiritual connection. One can image that Crown Chakra as being the colour violet.

The size of a chakra is dependent on the energy flow and sometimes if they are badly blocked, they can cease spinning altogether.

5 ways to balance your chakras 

If you are feeling off, chances are your chakras are unbalanced or blocked.  Below are a few simple ways to help re-balance them.


Meditation is a powerful spiritual tool to help calm and balance the mind and chakras. There are various meditation techniques ranging from breathing techniques to mantras, as well as moving to colourful visualisations. You can look up a chakra meditation or simply spend time visualising your chakras open and spinning freely.

Crystal Healing

Crystals are another magical way to help balance and clear any energetic blockages within your chakras. Crystals are mystically charged to bring balance and alignment to your chakras. Get connected with your Higher Self and purpose with some amazing crystals.


Practicing affirmations every morning and night helps you bring yourself to alignment with your Higher Self.

Become observant of your thoughts

Plant yourself in a comfortable position within a quiet and safe space. Begin to notice all of the thoughts coming through your mind. Is there deliberation of these thoughts? Or did you create any of them with intention?

Observing will help you realise that you in fact don’t create your thoughts, they arise automatically from the vast space in your subconscious. How can you identify with your thoughts when you are not creating them? You are only the observant, noticing and perceiving what is apparent. That is your fundamental being.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are a great way to balance your chakras and there are different oils for different chakras. Depending on the oil, it could be inhaled or used topically during the balancing. We love helping people finding the right oils, so make sure you drop us a line if you would like a hand.